Pennington Fairway Supreme Perennial Ryegrass Seed Blend Powder Coated 6ea/5 lb

  • Grass Type: Perennial Ryegrass
  • Manufacturer: Central Garden and Pet
  • Max Coverage Area: 500
  • Planting Climate Zones: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Planting Region: North, South
  • Planting Season: Early Fall, Early Spring
  • Private Label: No
  • Size: 5 Pounds

Streamline your plans for a durable, fast-growing, premium lawn with Pennington Fairway Supreme Perennial Ryegrass Blend with Fertilizer. Enhanced with nitrogen fertilizer for sustainable growth, this professional-grade turfgrass seed blend is perfect for establishing permanent northern lawns or providing warm-season lawns with outstanding temporary winter color. It’s a premium choice for residential and commercial lawns, golf course tee boxes and athletic fields. Pennington Fairway Supreme Perennial Ryegrass Blend with Fertilizer germinates quickly to create a lush, resilient lawn that tolerates drought and heavy traffic. Ideal for fall overseeding of Bermudagrass, this premium perennial blend grows denser, darker and lower than annual ryegrass, so you enjoy a beautiful lawn with less mowing and less watering. It’s superior seed technology, backed by the Pennington Guarantee.

  • Additional Features
  • Ingredients
  • Instructions
  • Planting Specifications
  • SDS
  • Product Gross Weight: 5.155 lb
  • Product Net Weight: 5.0 lb
  • Product Height: 13.0 in
  • Product Length: 3.55 in
  • Product Width: 7.5 in
  • Plant Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Seeding Depth: No more than 1/4 in
  • Seeding Rate: New Lawns / Southern Overseeding: 10 lbs/1,000 sq ft
  • Ingredients: Ryegrass
  • Use Instructions: Prepare by mowing the existing grass as short as possible, rake to remove debris and loosen the soil. Apply by spreading the seed evenly using a drop, rotary or hand-held spreader according to the settings listed. Rake gently to work your seed and fertilizer into the soil. Keep the soil moist! Water daily (twice a day if needed) until grass sprouts reach about 2" tall.
  • Days to Maturity: 7-21 days
  • Disease Resistance: High
  • Drought Tolerance: Medium
  • Light Requirement: Full Sun to Light Shade
  • Mowing Height: 2 in
  • Shade Tolerance: Moderate
  • Sun Tolerance: High
  • Traffic Tolerance: Excellent