Alpine Garden Friends Solar Garden Stakes Assorted 9ea

100544579 MFG #: RGG524A

Glowing creatures don’t have to only be in fantasy as the Solar Triple Garden Friend Garden Stake make them come to life, right in your own garden. Each stake comes with 3 toppers and a colorful metal flower design to light your yard space with efficiency. Three unique designs of colorful butterflies, dragonflies, or hummingbirds create magic floating above any landscape. With proven durability and solar construction, these whimsical stakes will automatically glow into the night. The butterfly/bird design measures 9" L x 2" W x 37" H. The dragonfly design measures 10"L x 2"W x 36"H.

  • Energy Efficient: Solar powered garden stakes automatically turn on at night
  • Illuminate Your Garden: Each stake comes with 7 warm white string LED lights to keep your outdoor living space shining brightly
  • Ideal Size: Measures 9"L x 2"W x 37"H ( butterfly/bird ), 10"L x 2"W x 36"H ( dragonfly ) a